She deserved better…

For she was a paper flower in the hands of an arsonist!

-D.K Luximon

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A Tribute to My Great Grandfather.


He was born on the 15th August 1928, when Mauritius was still a British Colony. His childhood was spent in utter poverty. In 1946, as soon as he turned 18, he joined a local Hindu society that worked for the betterment of Hindus across the island, as a secretary. Whilst promoting the Hindu culture on a national level, he also toiled hard as a labourer to provide for his family.

Years later, the Hindu society acknowledged his works and promoted him to the rank of president of the society, a post which had his utter dedication for many years, until he stepped down, a few years ago, to allow someone else carry on with the work.

He was a loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. The last memory i have of him is the day before he died; we were helping him drink his soup. He held my hand and touched his forehead against mine. We know you are in a better place now, next to your spouse and daughter. And together, you will always keep an eye on all of us.

We love you. Forever and always.

-D.K Luximon

Unshackle Me


Let me forget all the memories

You gave me.

Let me shed all the tears

You gave me.

Let me heal from the pain

You gave me.

Set me free from everything you gave me.

-D.K Luximon

The Night Demon


Few weeks ago, I went on a night fishing trip along with some friends. We left at around 21 p.m. and picked up Cedric, our skipper, on the way. One and a half hours later, we eventually reached a secluded spot on the south of the island. Whilst he went to get his boat, the guys and I indulged in a few beers and got our fishing equipment ready.

By 23 p.m. we were already at sea and fishing. Luck was on our side; we caught a few Bar jacks and a couple of groupers. We were pretty proud of ourselves. Cedric then suggested we find a spot and get a bonfire going and grill the fish. With a dash of lemon and butter, it will be splendid. We all agreed. We got back and settled in front of an abandoned house; beers were going around and the fish was filleted and on the grill.

We were really enjoying ourselves when all of a sudden, somewhere in the bush behind us, we heard “Cedric, Cedric”. We all turned around but Cedric shushed us down. He asked us not to reply, not to peep into the bushes and definitely NOT to shine our flashlights. We were stunned as well as confused.

Might as well mention that, whoever that was, she called out for Cedric twice, very quickly. Couple of minutes later, Cedric explained to us what really happened.

Nishi. Nishi is a spirit that wanders about at night only and calls out to wanderers who are far away from their home. You cannot tell who she is since you only see a silhouette in the dark. She calls out to her victims only twice and if you answer, you find yourself helplessly following her to a spot where she reveals her true form and tortures you to death. And Cedric said that Nishi has been trying to get him for some time now. Every now and then, he would hear a female voice call out his name.

So if ever you are far away from your place at night and you hear someone call out your name twice, in quick succession, do not reply and run. Don’t look back. Just run.

-D.Kulbushan Luximon.

The Remorse


Only I know how it felt,

Saying goodbye to you,

Wishing I could have held your hands a few more seconds…

Wishing I could have hugged you for another moment…

Wishing I kissed you just one more time…

-D.Kulbushan Luximon.

Le Morne Trip

Last week, I went on a trekking trip at Le Morne, a cultural landscape. It is also a part of World Heritage Centre due to the immense role in played in slavery and marooning. During the 80’s, slaves used to runaway form their owners and seek refuge on Le Morne mountain, in the caves. And when the owners sent dogs and workers to hunt them down, they would jump from the cliffs, rather than go back to their owners and face punishment which would often be in terms of mutilation or starvation.

In 1835, when slavery was abolished, an expedition of police climbed up Le Morne to let the marooned slaves know that they were free. However, this was misinterpreted as a hunting patrol and the remaining slaves on the mountain jumped and ended their lives.

The trekking itself was not hard to be honest. But it was demanding. At first it is just a normal ascension. But to reach the peak, you need to use ropes and rocks, grabbing every piece of support you can get. And in the scorching sun of December, it was really demanding. A shout out to Div, a fellow reader I met there. The whole trip was worth it; the view from the top is breathtaking. Took a few pictures, enjoy.

P.S. I have created an Instagram account @kulbushanluximon for some intriguing picture sharing.

-D.Kulbushan Luximon