The Church

The Church

It was a stormy night. The wind was howling with all its might and the splashing rain felt as if someone was hauling pebbles from above. Kay was on his way back from work when his car started acting weird. A clonking noise to be precise. The road he took passes through a deserted village. On the right side of the road was a deep drop culminating into a river. On the left side was a graveyard followed by an old church.

Driving through the road, Kay couldn’t avoid having weird and scary thoughts cross his mind. Thieves, pillagers or even ghosts. His focus was awry when a lightning streak shook him back to reality. He applied the brakes and swerved onto the graveyard. However, his brakes failed and he crashed into a tree at the edge of the graveyard. The bonnet popped open and thick steam was escaping from it. Kay got out of the car, locked it and darted for the church. Its doors were ajar and the wooden window shutters were fluttering about under the howling winds. Kay didn’t let his eyes wander about and focus only on the church. Inside, the church was dimly light; a few candles here and there. But it was warm and dry. He sat on one of the pews and rubbed his hands together to warm himself up. He was in a slouched position when another lightning struck and he bolted into an upright position.  The church lit up momentarily; enough for Kay to notice he wasn’t alone in there.

His heartbeat went up a notch. There was a woman in there, with him. She was sitting a few pews ahead, her head bent, as if in prayer.

“This is the house of God”, Kay thought. He dismissed the weird thoughts and walked up to her.

“Hello. I’m Kay”, He said.

But the woman didn’t respond. She kept her head bent; she didn’t even look up at him.

“Hello,” Kay said, again. “I’m Kay.” But this time, he gently touched her on the shoulder. She lifted her head and looked straight ahead and replied with just a “Hi”.

“Are you okay?” Kay asked.

“Yes. Just a bit scared, is all.” She replied.

“Don’t be. You are safe in the house of god.”

And then, out of the blue, there was a loud scratching noise. It sounded as if something outside wanted in. the woman grabbed Kay’s hand. The latter gently patted on her hand and reassured her it might be just an animal seeking shelter from the storm. The scratching noises faded away when the bell gonged to signal time; midnight.

“See. Whatever it was, it’s gone.” Kay said.

“No. You are wrong. Whatever it was, it didn’t want in. It was already in. It only wanted out.” The woman said.

“WHAT?” Kay exclaimed.

The woman was now facing him. Her pale face was in contrast with the dark circles around her eyes. And the blood. THE BLOOD. There was blood dripping from her forehead. Kay stumbled away and fell back.

The woman’s head was now tilted to the right and a snarly grin appeared on her face. She lifted both her arms as if beckoning her companions. And before he knew what was happening, Kay was surrounded by pale people, or dead people if you will.

“Wait…WAIT!!” Kay yelled, as they closed in on him.

“We regroup inside the church at night; where lost and scared people seek shelter.” She said.

-D.K Luximon



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