Stay by my side


I am who I am because of you

Always keep me close to you

I don’t care whether the whole world abandons me

As long as you are here for me.

-D.K Luximon


A Tribute to My Great Grandfather.


He was born on the 15th August 1928, when Mauritius was still a British Colony. His childhood was spent in utter poverty. In 1946, as soon as he turned 18, he joined a local Hindu society that worked for the betterment of Hindus across the island, as a secretary. Whilst promoting the Hindu culture on a national level, he also toiled hard as a labourer to provide for his family.

Years later, the Hindu society acknowledged his works and promoted him to the rank of president of the society, a post which had his utter dedication for many years, until he stepped down, a few years ago, to allow someone else carry on with the work.

He was a loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. The last memory i have of him is the day before he died; we were helping him drink his soup. He held my hand and touched his forehead against mine. We know you are in a better place now, next to your spouse and daughter. And together, you will always keep an eye on all of us.

We love you. Forever and always.

-D.K Luximon