The Wretched Babysitter


Eliana was standing in front of the house. The taxi that dropped her was already on its way out of the yard. She could feel the bad vibe coming from the house. The latter was a relatively old house. She walked all the way up to the door and rang the doorbell. Within seconds, Mr. Haran answered and greeted her with a wide smile. “Please come in” he said in his deep voice.

Inside, Mr. Haran and his wife were completing some final checks before leaving for the week end. That’s why Eliana was here in the first place. She was a part-time babysitter. She needed the money to support her course of graphic designer. She dropped her bag next to the main door and sat quietly on the sofa waiting for the Harans to give her the instructions.

“Alex is sleeping upstairs. We have roasted turkey in the oven, frozen French fries and mixed vegetables that I am sure you will be able to prepare. Don’t let Alex watch the TV till late and please make sure that the homework is done properly. You already know where your room is. Alright then…we’ll leave you to it. See you tomorrow afternoon” said Mr. Haran as they stepped through the main door.

The rest of the day went on without a hiccup. Alex was sleeping upstairs and Eliana was watching TV; she could monitor the child from the baby monitor that where placed in Alex’s room and the other one with Eliana respectively. Around 19.00, there was a rustling noise coming from the monitor…Eliana got up and went to check into the matter. Alex was awake and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Eliana sat next to her and said “Hi Alex, I am Eliana…your parents must have told you about me”
Alex said nothing; she sat still on the edge of the bed staring at her doll.

Eliana touched her shoulder gently and said “You hungry? You want come with me downstairs for dinner?”
Still nothing from Alex. So Eliana went down and brought a tray with a glass of milk and some cookies.
Alex didn’t move an inch. Eliana set the tray down on the side table and headed down. She was now really concerned about the kid so she pulled out her phone and called Mr. Haran. “Hey Eliana…any trouble?” enquired Mr. Haran.
“Yes sir…Alex seems to be in a trance or something…she’s been awake for about 1hr but she’s like nailed to the edge of the bed with her doll…she didn’t talk to me or even look at me for that matter! “
“What are you talking about?” said Mr. Haran sounding stunned.
“Mr. Haran? I am Eliana…the babysitter…Alex is your daughter whom you left under my charge before leaving?”
“Alex is my 5 years old son, Eliana!!!!!”
“No sir…Alex is definitely a girl…she has long blond hair and has a doll in her hands.”
“Eliana…What the fuck are you talking about????”
“Where are you?”
“In the kitchen”
“Don’t hang up…go stand by the staircase and call out for Alexandra”

“Alexandra??Who is Alexandra?”
“Just fucking do it Eliana…Don’t ask questions!!”
Eliana grudgingly walked to the foot of the staircase and said “Alexandra?”
To which a girly voice replied “Yes Miss Eliana??”
She put the phone back to her ear and asked “You heard that Mr. Haran? That’s your daughter.”
“Eliana…I want you to get out of the house right now!!”
“WH… WHAT??Why?”
There was a pin drop silence on the phone…then Mr. Haran continued “Alexandra was my daughter but she died in a house fire 8 years ago.”

The phone dropped out of her hand…she grabbed her bag and started running for the door. She stopped abruptly a few feet before the main door. Her disconcerted eyes focused at the door. Little Alexandra was standing right in front of the door with her doll in her hand. As she lifted her head to match Eliana’s eyes…she muttered the words “Where do you think you are going??I’ve finally found a friend to play with”.

-D.Kulbushan Luximon


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