The Sweet Betrayal

The Sweet Betrayal.jpg

Shaan and Kayla have been married for nearly 5 years now. Yet, she reminisces the wedding day as if it was yesterday. When she closes her eyes, she sees everything as it was that day…with minute details. And then she would see the man she loved standing at the altar…shining in his snow white sherwani (traditional Indian wear).

5 years was a short time in their marriage. Kayla looked forward to spending the rest of her life with her beloved husband. Shaan was an entrepreneur. A rather successful one I might add. After the wedding, they both moved to the countryside in a magnificent house his Father-in-law bought him. Their married life was going smooth. She would wake up early and prepare a delightful breakfast for him every day. It is to be noted at this point that even though Kayla was an employee, she didn’t mind the extra effort. As a matter of fact, she believed it was her way of showing her love for her husband.

One night, Shaan came back home, dropped his bag on the couch and called his wife out peremptorily. Kayla rushed to him to see what the pressing matter was. He looked straight at her and said “Come outside…I need to talk to you!”. Kayla felt her heart racing. “What could it be that needs me to be outside for?”
On the porch, Shaan grabbed her by the arm and pulled her front of him; at this point she was really scared…”what is going on???” she thought to herself. He then pointed his finger to the sky and said “You see that big star?”
“Y-Ye-Yess…What about it?”
“Well…I bought it for you”
“What??Wait WHAT???”
“Actually…I named it after you!”
At this point, tears started rolling down her cheeks. She couldn’t believe what was happening. What this real or it is a dream?
She turned around to catch his eyes…she looked at him with all the love she could gather from her heart. The following words came out with an amazing shiver “I had no idea you loved me this much!!”
But then…Shaan’s expression turned from affectionate to evil…burning with wrath so to say.

“You know how people say when they die they become stars? That’s why I did this…it is your funeral gift ….Good bye Kayla!!”
She tried to back off but Shaan’s grip was strong. He pulled out a dagger and slowly dug it into her heart…grinning the whole time. After a few seconds, he pulled the dagger out and holstered it. He then carried Kayla (still alive and agonizing) to the edge of a ravine and threw her down with no remorse at all.

Lying at the bottom of the ravine, she felt the blood gushing out of her body. With teary eyes, she thought to herself “I loved him and this is what I get in return….I’ll will have my revenge”.

To be continued…

-D.Kulbushan Luximon


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