The Art Exhibition


There was an art exhibition on last Tuesday. The students of an art institution displayed their best works and the exhibition was open to the public. I was there for the opening ceremony and got a few pictures. There was a particular artefact that I loved; The “Black pearl”. It shows how an adult influences the innocence of a child. A big applause to all the artists.  Enjoy…cheers.

-D.Kulbushan Luximon


Seven Coloured Earth

One of the places of attraction we have in Mauritius is the “Seven Coloured Earth” located in Chamarel. The soil ranges from red to brown, green, violet, purple, yellow and blue. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon. The soil has been victim of weathering; the change from basaltic rocks to clay minerals. The true scientific explanation is better. The whole area is fenced to take the shape of the Mauritius Island, so you cannot get really near to the soil but you may however buy little tubes of coloured soil in the shop. They also have tortoises there for no apparent reason. The oldest one is 103 years old if I’m not wrong.

And from there, as a true Mauritian would do, we went for lunch at the seaside.

-D.Kulbushan Luximon

Annular Eclipse 2016


Thursday 1st September 2016 was really memorable. We got to witness an annular eclipse ; the moon positions itself between earth and the sun. And it was a lifetime experience because the next one is due 2216.
For those who never saw one, I got a few pictures…enjoy.

-D.K Luximon