The Haunted Room


Few months ago, my friends and I decided to go on a small vacation trip. A hotel situated on an island not very far from us had an all-inclusive package. We thought this was a great opportunity so we signed up for a 3 days and two night stay.

On that day, we all met at the hotel reception. Having completed all the paper formalities, the receptionist seemed a bit distraught while she was handing me my room key. Our rooms were on the far side of the compound; a 10mins walk from the reception. As soon as I entered my room key in the keyhole, I felt as if someone was standing behind me. I turned around to check who it was but there was no one there. I opened the door and headed in. The moment I stepped in, I felt a cold chill rush down my spine. Thinking it might be the air conditioning; I shrugged it off, put down my luggage and headed out for lunch with the buddies.

Later that night, sleeping was unmanageable. Suddenly, I was awoken by a sinister laugh. As I straightened up on my bed, I noticed an old woman dressed in a torn white nighty standing in front of me. I was unable to move or scream. I just sat there, frozen, tears rolling down my cheeks. Few minutes later, she disappeared. I thought it must have been a sleep paralysis.

The next day, I made it a point not to mention my encounter to the buddies so as not to impugn their holiday. I carried out the daily activities with them and at night we all had dinner together. I headed back to my room with a feeling of uneasiness. Once in my room, I decided to watch a movie. I then heard a cracking noise. The ceiling fan fell on me. The blow was so hard; I fell back on the bed. The old woman was there. ON THE CEILING!!!

I started screaming. The buddies barged in few seconds later followed by a few on the hotel staff. Only then did they deem fit to enlighten on the mystery. Years ago, an old couple checked in. But that night… the old woman was found dead on this very room, hanging from the ceiling fan. Since then, all customers staying in this room have been subjected to paranormal sightings

-D.K Luximon.


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