The Deserted Road Oddity


It was a misty afternoon. Kay and Amber were heading to meet Kay’s Grandfather. The first half of the road passed through a few villages but the rest of it was pretty much forest and abandoned houses. While driving through the forested part, Kay thought it was a good idea to mess about with Amber. He started by saying that this part of the forest is haunted.

Years ago, a woman was brutally murdered here. Her assailants first raped her then dismembered her body. Her arms were ripped off, legs were cut off with a chainsaw and her head was severed with what the post-mortem report concluded to be caused by multiple blade blows.

This made Amber feel very uncomfortable. She begged Kay to stop and so he did.

Later that night, on the way back, Kay undertook the same road. Feeling childish, he decided to turn off the headlights. It was a moonless night. Evidently as he turned them off, it was pitch black. Amber started screaming. He turned it back on for a couple of seconds and then turned them off again. But this time, as he turned them back on he saw something.

A woman was standing in the middle of the road. She had her head lowered, her hair loose and was draped in a white cloth. As the car drew nearer, she lifted her head revealing empty eye sockets and her grin showed chipped teeth. The car hit her with speed. Kay was panting. Few seconds later, he heard a low pitched laughter coming from the seat next to him. It was Amber.

He slowed the car down…turned to see what was with her. She had bloody eyeballs. She was the one laughing. She swiftly turned to catch Kay’s eyes. Her head tilted slightly. She then proceeded to turn her head 180 degrees then a full 360 rotation still laughing hysterically. And then she muttered the words “You should not make fun of the dead Mr. Kay!”

-D.K Luximon


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