Life Truth


One of the truths in life is that people tend to overthink; which leads to thinking more into it than is actually there. And this causes stress and mental breakdowns.

You are facing a problem; sure you will feel down and stuff. That is axiomatic. But think about it…does worrying about it help you find a solution? Does stressing over trivial matters do you any good?

It’s all easy to say I know but truth is…solutions can only be found if you have a calm mind. Assess the gravity of the situation…then formulate solutions until the problem is over. Don’t try to solve all problems at once…you will find yourself in a pit full of crap.

Move on. Solve one problem at a time. Life is never problem free. You solve one another will crop up. But that is life, I suppose. It’s all about ups and down. You just need to be strong enough to find the rise after the fall.

Never give up. You do not know what the upcoming sunrise will bring.

-D.K Luximon


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