The Monster Manifestation


There once was a girl. Stubborn and always wanting to have her way; she was a spoilt child really. And how could she not be…she was the only child to that couple.

One day she found an innovative way to annoy her parents. Whilst sitting on her bed, she suddenly began to shout and cry. Mum and Dad ran to her room and asked her what the matter was. To which she said “There is a monster under my bed!!!”

Dad immediately got down on his knees and checked under the bed. The mother meanwhile comforted the child. Knowing that this means she can have them run to her room whenever she wanted…she would frequently shout and cry.

One night she started shouting…as expected the dad ran in…slipped on a toy and fell. Bursting out in a laughter fit, she managed to ask him why is it he always runs when she shouts. At which point the dad looks up to the mother…with a sad face. The mother then says “I think it’s time you know dear”

“Know what?” said the little girl…feeling a bit concerned.

“You had an elder brother years ago. Like you he would always scream and say there is a monster in his room….” continued the mother.

“You are kidding me…right?” retorted the little girl.
“No dear…one night we decided to ignore his cries…only once…we never saw him again!!” said the mother before running out of the room sobbing.

Later that night the little girl was screaming again. When they got in, the girl said: “Dad there is someone under my bed…I’m not joking!!”

As the dad leaned to check…to his surprise…his little daughter was there…under the bed…terrified and whispered “Dad…there is a monster on my bed!!!!!!”

Reluctantly, the dad peeked on the bed. And there it was, with its head slightly tilted. A faint grin appears on its face and says “Hi Daddy…we meet again!”

-D.K Luximon


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