The Broken Love


A few broken promises,

A few forgotten memories,

A few moments I could not treasure,

A true love I could not nurture…

-D.K Luximon


The Deserted Road Oddity


It was a misty afternoon. Kay and Amber were heading to meet Kay’s Grandfather. The first half of the road passed through a few villages but the rest of it was pretty much forest and abandoned houses. While driving through the forested part, Kay thought it was a good idea to mess about with Amber. He started by saying that this part of the forest is haunted.

Years ago, a woman was brutally murdered here. Her assailants first raped her then dismembered her body. Her arms were ripped off, legs were cut off with a chainsaw and her head was severed with what the post-mortem report concluded to be caused by multiple blade blows.

This made Amber feel very uncomfortable. She begged Kay to stop and so he did.

Later that night, on the way back, Kay undertook the same road. Feeling childish, he decided to turn off the headlights. It was a moonless night. Evidently as he turned them off, it was pitch black. Amber started screaming. He turned it back on for a couple of seconds and then turned them off again. But this time, as he turned them back on he saw something.

A woman was standing in the middle of the road. She had her head lowered, her hair loose and was draped in a white cloth. As the car drew nearer, she lifted her head revealing empty eye sockets and her grin showed chipped teeth. The car hit her with speed. Kay was panting. Few seconds later, he heard a low pitched laughter coming from the seat next to him. It was Amber.

He slowed the car down…turned to see what was with her. She had bloody eyeballs. She was the one laughing. She swiftly turned to catch Kay’s eyes. Her head tilted slightly. She then proceeded to turn her head 180 degrees then a full 360 rotation still laughing hysterically. And then she muttered the words “You should not make fun of the dead Mr. Kay!”

-D.K Luximon

The Consumerist Standpoint


The more people I meet, the more I am leaning towards the belief that we are living in a highly materialistic world. We all love a luxurious lifestyle. But to what extent are we willing to go to achieve that?

Personally, I am a bit of a materialistic individual. I love my watches, my computer and all the luxurious stuff I have. Above all, I love my phone. And believe me; I love it so much… No one is allowed to touch it. And even if you were allowed to handle it, I would constantly have my eyes on you. Which made me think; why am I so concerned about materials? But that, in no fashion, means that I miss on the bigger picture; LIFE ITSELF!

How many of us wake up and are grateful for what we have? How many of us wake up and feel thankful to see the day ahead? FEW. We focus mostly on filling our pockets and acquiring objects of value so as to change the way people see us. So in other words we are not living our lives as we should. We are living a life where we show off our possessions. A life where we work our ass off to acquire stuff we do not need.

But when you go deeper into the matter….things kind of unravels.

An infant has no attachment to any materialistic stuff. It just knows its mum and dad and people around him. I do not know if it is innocence or ignorance.

An elderly person wakes up and is grateful for being alive and making through another day. He is happy when he has his blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes under control. He doesn’t care much about latest technological acquisition. He is happy when his kin meets him. He is happy with causal conversations. Luxurious possessions do not mean anything to him. All he needs is care, affection and the basic needs; food clothing and shelter.

So to wind up, I would say that being materialistic is not wrong per say. Provided you know who you really are and care for those who are here for you.

-D.K Luximon

Life Truth


One of the truths in life is that people tend to overthink; which leads to thinking more into it than is actually there. And this causes stress and mental breakdowns.

You are facing a problem; sure you will feel down and stuff. That is axiomatic. But think about it…does worrying about it help you find a solution? Does stressing over trivial matters do you any good?

It’s all easy to say I know but truth is…solutions can only be found if you have a calm mind. Assess the gravity of the situation…then formulate solutions until the problem is over. Don’t try to solve all problems at once…you will find yourself in a pit full of crap.

Move on. Solve one problem at a time. Life is never problem free. You solve one another will crop up. But that is life, I suppose. It’s all about ups and down. You just need to be strong enough to find the rise after the fall.

Never give up. You do not know what the upcoming sunrise will bring.

-D.K Luximon

The Monster Manifestation


There once was a girl. Stubborn and always wanting to have her way; she was a spoilt child really. And how could she not be…she was the only child to that couple.

One day she found an innovative way to annoy her parents. Whilst sitting on her bed, she suddenly began to shout and cry. Mum and Dad ran to her room and asked her what the matter was. To which she said “There is a monster under my bed!!!”

Dad immediately got down on his knees and checked under the bed. The mother meanwhile comforted the child. Knowing that this means she can have them run to her room whenever she wanted…she would frequently shout and cry.

One night she started shouting…as expected the dad ran in…slipped on a toy and fell. Bursting out in a laughter fit, she managed to ask him why is it he always runs when she shouts. At which point the dad looks up to the mother…with a sad face. The mother then says “I think it’s time you know dear”

“Know what?” said the little girl…feeling a bit concerned.

“You had an elder brother years ago. Like you he would always scream and say there is a monster in his room….” continued the mother.

“You are kidding me…right?” retorted the little girl.
“No dear…one night we decided to ignore his cries…only once…we never saw him again!!” said the mother before running out of the room sobbing.

Later that night the little girl was screaming again. When they got in, the girl said: “Dad there is someone under my bed…I’m not joking!!”

As the dad leaned to check…to his surprise…his little daughter was there…under the bed…terrified and whispered “Dad…there is a monster on my bed!!!!!!”

Reluctantly, the dad peeked on the bed. And there it was, with its head slightly tilted. A faint grin appears on its face and says “Hi Daddy…we meet again!”

-D.K Luximon