The Buddies


You will meet a lot of people in your life; many will leave but the few that remains are the ones that truly matter. These guys are the ones that I know no matter what; they will always be here. Sure we may be busy but we know we can always count on each other.

Let me do the introductions. From left to right: Kulbushan (me) AKA KU, Avishek AKA PT and Bhadrasen AKA Bad. Our friendship dates back to pre-primary school. I was then transferred to another school but we met again in college. Then began 7 years of craziness. Obviously I cannot divulge our secrets. But I can share a few anecdotes.

We often used to take the piss out of other students…mainly girls. Few months back one of them messaged me on Facebook and told me “You remember me?”
I was like: “Not really…enlighten me please?”
She said “When you were my senior you were with your two friends once and you told me that my skirt needs to be 5cm below knees and not 5cm below ass cheeks”.

Or we would roam around the school compound and act all badasses and all…which didn’t help us really…we were the prime suspects every time something went wrong in the school even though we were not involved( or so we say :p).

Lately we have all been busy…PT was caught in his job, I had an internship and bad had his dissertation. But nonetheless we always managed to find time to catch up.

This is the friendship that I know will last a lifetime…we are not giving up…and I know…if we are doing something crazy…we’ll do it together!!


-D.K Luximon.


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