The Eyes

Couple of years back, a good friend of mine asked to borrow my camera for a few days. She was going on a multiple day nature trip; which includes camping, bonfires trekking and stuff…

Knowing she would be careful with my effects, I agreed to lend it to her. After 3 days, she came back but she was different; behavior wise. She didn’t speak much, nor was she smiling or anything. It was like she was scared… She came over to my place, handed me over my camera. As I asked her how was the trip, she looked at me…shook her head and left the place in hurry.

Curious as to what was wrong with her, I called on of my other friend who was on the same trip. He said she unravelled after the 2nd day. She would sit quietly in a corner, eat very little and wake up late at night screaming.

Later that day, I went over to her place with my camera and asked her what was wrong. To which she said “He is always with me….ALWAYS”. I was a bit stricken as to what she meant but she told me that she just needs to rest. So I headed back into my car…but it wouldn’t start…the engine just kept stalling. I got out and headed back in her house.

She wasn’t pleased to see me back…And less pleased when I asked if I could stay over. She said “You cannot stay here…He will not appreciate that”. I still managed to convince her to allow me to stay. At night, we sat together and watched all the pictures she took and she was sharing the details of each picture. She then took the camera with her and I went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up around 9. Curious as to why my friend didn’t wake me up earlier…I went into her room, only to find her lying inert in her bed. I walked slowly closer to her and called out her name. Nothing. A quick inspection showed no pulse. I panicked. I called the cops. They confirmed her death. They locked down the house and carried out an investigation. The post-mortem results showed nothing abnormal. They couldn’t even deduce the cause of the death.

Few days later, they handed me over my camera that was in her room. I immediately plugged it in my computer to relive some of the moments she shared with me the night she died. The last picture made my heart race like a composer ordering an accelerando.

This was the picture:10628870_10153197411714408_51930701097469039_o.jpg



  1. Varuna luximon · June 7, 2016

    So scary!!!


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