The Parent-Children Relationship


I’m an uncle. For two weeks now. Cute little fellow this guy. I went to see him for the first time last Sunday and, well, as I touched his tiny hand…he farted. A wet fart. Nice gift to the uncle.

But all this emotions made me think about something. Parents are the most significant gift one can get. Your mother carries you for 9 months, enduring all kinds of discomfort. Your parents move sky and earth to up bring you, and make you who you are today.

Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that. And when their parents need them the most, they just turn their backs and carry on. I mean, if your parents don’t turn to you in moments of need, who will they turn to? Their offspring themselves cannot be bothered. That’s one of the reasons why I hate old age homes. There you see the pain in those old people’s eyes. The wait…the never ending wait to see the child come back for them.

Life is a cycle. When you are born, you are vulnerable for a considerate amount of time. Idem for when you are old. As a child you look for support and comfort in your parents. As an elderly person, you seek the same feelings in your kids. Sure they will be busy in their lives; sure they might not be living with you. But truth remains, if they think a lot about you, they will find the time and the effort to show you their affection.

This little guy, I’m sure will grow to be a good guy, not only because he’s got awesome parents but also because he has a great uncle…ME! 😉

-D.K Luximon


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