To The Best Grandma Ever


4 years already since you left us. And 4 years we are struggling to move on. To be fair, you were the thread holding all of us together. With you gone, we find ourselves scattered.

You left a void that can never be filled. A void that I don’t want to be filled either. I spent most of my childhood and adolescence by your side. And I knew whatever the situation, I could count on you. All of us could.

Every time I think about you, I remember those pancakes you used to make. The banana dumplings, fries and sausages, you famous tea with cardamom pods.

The last few months were hard for you, we know that. But with you gone…life is harder for us; harder to carry on having lost an anchor, a guide.

4 years Grandma. 4 long years without you seems like an eternity. But I’m sure wherever you are, you are watching over all of us. I miss you a lot. More than words can describe!!

-D.K Luximon


One comment

  1. Neelam Ramchandani · April 22, 2016

    When grandmothers at their ripe age ,coupled with their wisdom give us their valuable time and company, it moulds us to be stronger human beings and really we can share our most embarrassing moments with them, which probably we can’t ,even with our dearest parents.
    May her soul rest in peace !


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