The Discomforting Illusion


Remember when you were home alone but never felt alone at all? This is a story of that kind. Months ago, a friend of mine was travelling so he asked me to take care of his dog for a few days until he was back. So on that day, I went to see him off and took the dog back home. While leaving, he said “Drop by my place and pick up his toys…BUT DO NOT OPEN THE ATTIC DOOR!!”.

I went over to his place, took whatever was needed and headed for the front door. But being a curious person, I turned back and opened the attic door. Something I shouldn’t have done. As soon as the door opened, I felt as if someone was watching me all the way from across the room.

I immediately ran for my car with the toys and headed home. That night, even the dog felt uncomfortable. I fed her, had my supper and lay on the sofa in front of a movie. Then started a dripping noise. Nothing alarming until I realized that all the taps were closed and that the dripping noise was something else. I pulled the dog in closer to me for comfort…she licked my hand and immediately I felt at ease.

The dripping noise faded away and I decided that its best we head upstairs to sleep. I tucked her in her basket and slid under my covers. But few minutes later, the dripping noise was back. Louder. As if it came from within the room. I got up, checked around and closed the bedroom door. I got back under my cover and let my hand hang around to feel the dog. Sure enough, I felt a lick on my hand. Reassured, I managed to fall asleep.

The next morning, the sight was gruesome. Blood stains all over the floor and it led me to the dog, disemboweled, hanging on the coat hanger stand. Distressed, I approached the stand and stood there in shock. Time froze until I felt another lick on my hand!!! I turned around as quick as lightning, only to find this written on the wall in blood “I CAN LICK…TOO”

-D.K Luximon


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