My first girlfriend…


This dates back to 2009. There was this girl nicknamed Yaya. We were in the same batch during O level Physics tuition. One day I found her on Facebook. So I sent her a friend request. Couple of hours later, a notification popped up, “*******accepted your friend request.”

We started chatting which then turned into a daily activity. Few weeks later we exchanged numbers and them BAM…we found out that we were both attracted to each other. So I suggested that we meet some day. One meeting led to another and we became really good friends. I knew she liked me and she knew I liked her.

On the 10th September 2009, we met on the bus stop. There she was…standing on my right side, talking about her homework. Spontaneously, I stood up, hugged her from behind and whispered “Will you be my girlfriend?”

She shied away… but then turned her head towards me and nodded…she was the shy type!
Then began a 17 months long love story with ups and downs. If today you ask me what memories I carry from that relationship…I would not be able to enumerate them…there are so many! I walked a few kilometres every Thursday for about one year just to be with her on the way back home. The Valentine’s Day gift…she gave me a huge teddy bear!!When I say huge…believe me…it was HUGE.

But the best of the best remains that one day; we were walking together for tuitions and it started raining. In a few seconds we were both completely drenched. She was shivering so I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me…we both stared into each other’s eyes…she got close to me…and then it happened….the best kiss of all time…a kiss that’s engraved in my memory.

But few months later things kind of unravelled. The romantic talks were replaced by fights…fights over trivial matters. I behaved childishly and she disapproved that…and it led to us being distant. And then one day she just decided that it was better to end the relationship rather than carry it as a burden.

She left and we didn’t speak for a few years. But in 2013 she messaged me for my birthday. Since then we have been good friends and are in excellent terms.

Thing is; I do not regret going out with that girl. She was a great girlfriend…a few flaws but shadowed by her good nature.

-D.K Luximon


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