The Parent-Children Relationship


I’m an uncle. For two weeks now. Cute little fellow this guy. I went to see him for the first time last Sunday and, well, as I touched his tiny hand…he farted. A wet fart. Nice gift to the uncle.

But all this emotions made me think about something. Parents are the most significant gift one can get. Your mother carries you for 9 months, enduring all kinds of discomfort. Your parents move sky and earth to up bring you, and make you who you are today.

Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that. And when their parents need them the most, they just turn their backs and carry on. I mean, if your parents don’t turn to you in moments of need, who will they turn to? Their offspring themselves cannot be bothered. That’s one of the reasons why I hate old age homes. There you see the pain in those old people’s eyes. The wait…the never ending wait to see the child come back for them.

Life is a cycle. When you are born, you are vulnerable for a considerate amount of time. Idem for when you are old. As a child you look for support and comfort in your parents. As an elderly person, you seek the same feelings in your kids. Sure they will be busy in their lives; sure they might not be living with you. But truth remains, if they think a lot about you, they will find the time and the effort to show you their affection.

This little guy, I’m sure will grow to be a good guy, not only because he’s got awesome parents but also because he has a great uncle…ME! 😉

-D.K Luximon


To The Best Grandma Ever


4 years already since you left us. And 4 years we are struggling to move on. To be fair, you were the thread holding all of us together. With you gone, we find ourselves scattered.

You left a void that can never be filled. A void that I don’t want to be filled either. I spent most of my childhood and adolescence by your side. And I knew whatever the situation, I could count on you. All of us could.

Every time I think about you, I remember those pancakes you used to make. The banana dumplings, fries and sausages, you famous tea with cardamom pods.

The last few months were hard for you, we know that. But with you gone…life is harder for us; harder to carry on having lost an anchor, a guide.

4 years Grandma. 4 long years without you seems like an eternity. But I’m sure wherever you are, you are watching over all of us. I miss you a lot. More than words can describe!!

-D.K Luximon

The Appalling Light


Some say you see a white light before you die. This story is about the light that caused Kay’s death.

Here in Mauritius, we have many lakes and reservoirs. One of them is called St. Hubert lake; about 15mins from the sea. Kay and his friends were staying in a bungalow a few kilometers away. Late at night, they ran out of food. So he drove inland to, hopefully, find a restaurant or something. Whilst driving, he passed in front of the said lake. It was pitch black. He could not even distinguish water from land. It was really dark and to add to the effect, there was a pin drop silence. He continued his way and found a little inn. Luckily they had food. Having purchased what they needed, he headed back.

Back in front of the lake, he noticed a light. As if someone was holding a candle. It was there…right in the middle of the darkness. He stopped the car and stared right in its direction. It was just the candle light…no one near it. And it was floating in the air. Intrigued, he got out of the car, and leaned on the railing trying to get a better understanding. That’s when he saw them; two bright white eyes. Just the eyes behind the candle!!
He ran for his car, sped back to the bungalow. When he narrated the story to his mates, they laughed at him and carried with their activities. He ran upstairs in the washroom, leaned over the sink and splashed his face with water. Trying to catch his breath, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He stood straight…looked over his shoulder; no one was there. Feeling relieved, he turned back but froze. The reflection in the mirror was not his. IT WAS NOT HIS.

Dark eyes, a devilish grin. That’s what was there. And it was staring right in his eyes. Then he mouthed the words “Hello Kay! I am here to take you with me!!!!”
He screamed from the top of his lungs. All his mates rushed in the washroom. They were all concerned. Kay collapsed on the floor.

Couple of hours later, he woke up. Only his table lamp was lit. Everywhere else was dark. He reached for his torch in his bag and fumbled his way across the corridor. It took a few minutes to realize that he was alone in the bungalow. He reached out for the hall lights but felt a cold bony hand on the switch followed by a tap on his shoulder again!!!
He turned around swiftly and nothing. There was nothing there!!


He turned back again….the face in the mirror was there…only this time it was really in front of him…grinning.

Next thing Kay felt was the other being’s nails dig deep in his abdomen and fiddling with his guts. The next day, the owner of the bungalow discovered 7 dead bodies, all mutilated. No one knows what happened in that bungalow!

-D.K Luximon

The Discomforting Illusion


Remember when you were home alone but never felt alone at all? This is a story of that kind. Months ago, a friend of mine was travelling so he asked me to take care of his dog for a few days until he was back. So on that day, I went to see him off and took the dog back home. While leaving, he said “Drop by my place and pick up his toys…BUT DO NOT OPEN THE ATTIC DOOR!!”.

I went over to his place, took whatever was needed and headed for the front door. But being a curious person, I turned back and opened the attic door. Something I shouldn’t have done. As soon as the door opened, I felt as if someone was watching me all the way from across the room.

I immediately ran for my car with the toys and headed home. That night, even the dog felt uncomfortable. I fed her, had my supper and lay on the sofa in front of a movie. Then started a dripping noise. Nothing alarming until I realized that all the taps were closed and that the dripping noise was something else. I pulled the dog in closer to me for comfort…she licked my hand and immediately I felt at ease.

The dripping noise faded away and I decided that its best we head upstairs to sleep. I tucked her in her basket and slid under my covers. But few minutes later, the dripping noise was back. Louder. As if it came from within the room. I got up, checked around and closed the bedroom door. I got back under my cover and let my hand hang around to feel the dog. Sure enough, I felt a lick on my hand. Reassured, I managed to fall asleep.

The next morning, the sight was gruesome. Blood stains all over the floor and it led me to the dog, disemboweled, hanging on the coat hanger stand. Distressed, I approached the stand and stood there in shock. Time froze until I felt another lick on my hand!!! I turned around as quick as lightning, only to find this written on the wall in blood “I CAN LICK…TOO”

-D.K Luximon

My first girlfriend…


This dates back to 2009. There was this girl nicknamed Yaya. We were in the same batch during O level Physics tuition. One day I found her on Facebook. So I sent her a friend request. Couple of hours later, a notification popped up, “*******accepted your friend request.”

We started chatting which then turned into a daily activity. Few weeks later we exchanged numbers and them BAM…we found out that we were both attracted to each other. So I suggested that we meet some day. One meeting led to another and we became really good friends. I knew she liked me and she knew I liked her.

On the 10th September 2009, we met on the bus stop. There she was…standing on my right side, talking about her homework. Spontaneously, I stood up, hugged her from behind and whispered “Will you be my girlfriend?”

She shied away… but then turned her head towards me and nodded…she was the shy type!
Then began a 17 months long love story with ups and downs. If today you ask me what memories I carry from that relationship…I would not be able to enumerate them…there are so many! I walked a few kilometres every Thursday for about one year just to be with her on the way back home. The Valentine’s Day gift…she gave me a huge teddy bear!!When I say huge…believe me…it was HUGE.

But the best of the best remains that one day; we were walking together for tuitions and it started raining. In a few seconds we were both completely drenched. She was shivering so I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me…we both stared into each other’s eyes…she got close to me…and then it happened….the best kiss of all time…a kiss that’s engraved in my memory.

But few months later things kind of unravelled. The romantic talks were replaced by fights…fights over trivial matters. I behaved childishly and she disapproved that…and it led to us being distant. And then one day she just decided that it was better to end the relationship rather than carry it as a burden.

She left and we didn’t speak for a few years. But in 2013 she messaged me for my birthday. Since then we have been good friends and are in excellent terms.

Thing is; I do not regret going out with that girl. She was a great girlfriend…a few flaws but shadowed by her good nature.

-D.K Luximon