The Incomplete Love Story.

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This is the story of two people. Let’s name them Amber and Kay.

Couple of years ago, Kay enrolled for a construction based study program at the local university. Being skeptical about the first day, he managed to drag his bum to the class. As he opened the door, his eyes laid on a girl sitting quietly in middle of the room. As he took a few steps, the girl turned her gaze towards him and a faint smile appeared on her face. Kay’s heart filled with a feeling never felt before. He went and sat just behind her, hesitating to break the ice. The program coordinator came in and did her stuff. Few minutes later whilst everyone was leaving; Amber turned around and said “HI”. Kay grinned…from ear to ear.

“Hi. I’m Kay”

“Hey Kay, Amber.”

From there began a three years long “friendship”. I’ll label it as such because somewhere, both felt it was more than just friendship…it’s just that none of them mustered the courage to take the step. It was as if both were connected. They understood each other, finished each other’s sentences. There were times when one didn’t even speak and the other one knew what was on the other’s mind. One day Kay entered the class and as he sat down he said “Ohhh crap”. Just “Ohhh crap”. Amber turned around and said “You forgot your calculator at home…didn’t you?”

“Yeah…how did you know?” replied Kay.

“I kind of knew you would so I brought one extra for you”.

That was the kind of stuff they would do during three years.

After three years, still fearing to take the step, they each moved on with their lives as graduates. Couple of months passed by and one night Kay realized how much he misses Amber. So he grabbed his phone only to notice that Amber was online.

With a racing heartbeat, he messaged “Hey…not sleepy?”
The replied that came broke him…”It’s still day time here…I moved to Vancouver few months ago”.

“Why?” Kay replied.
“I waited three years for you…I really thought you felt the same way I felt about you. But after three years I gave up and moved on…away from you…away from all my feelings”.

“But I liked you too…why didn’t you tell me?”
“Well…you didn’t either…and it’s too late now. Goodbye Kay”

The hardest goodbyes are the ones that you know will never be followed by hello again!!
Life is short…don’t hesitate…you like someone GO AHEAD AND TELL THEM before it’s too late!



The obscure guest.

Couple of months ago, my friends and I went on a hiking trip. We were a group of seven people, five guys and two girls. On the way down we came across this dense path leading to what we were able to distinguish to be a small wooden hut surrounded by mist. Naturally my two best buds and I decided to go check it out whilst the rest of the group kept nagging us not to, that it is not a good idea.

So we split up, part of the group headed back to the cars while the three of us pursued our way down that dense path. Right in front on the porch was a sign saying “DO NOT ENTER….THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN LOCKED FOR A REASON”. Thinking it might be a prank of some kind; we ignored it and made our way in through one of the broken windows.

Our flashlights illuminated a scene no one ever thought of. Porcelain dolls all over the place, blood stains on the walls and animal skulls filled with maggots on the table. A few steps in, one of the friends whispered “Guys…we are not alone”. A slight squeak from the adjoining room got us stricken but the slowly opening room door got us out of the house faster than we got in. We then left that place and we each headed back to our respective homes.

However…things were never the same after. Everywhere I went, everything I did, it felt like someone was there. As if someone was watching me.

It then all came to that one night. After a hectic day at work I came back home, took a shower, had my dinner and slither in my bed. The lights were off and I nearly caught a perfunctory sleep when I heard the wardrobe open to reveal a pair of white eyes, broken teeth in a bloody mouth and chipped nails on the hand holding the door open.

I hurried myself to close my eyes and pretend I was asleep. With my eyes closed…I relied purely on the hearing sense. A crackling noise was heard followed by footsteps. The footsteps grew closer and closer until there was a pin drop silence in the room. A slight cold hand brush against my arms made me realize that it was there…right next to my bed. Seconds later a foul smell of rotting flesh filled the room and I felt its breath on my neck following the words “I KNOW YOU ARE AWAKE”.

-D.K Luximonmaxresdefault