The Beautiful girl conundrum.

We are all looking for that special person who is perfect for us. But if you have been through enough failed relationships you begin to embrace the illusion that there is no one made for you…just more failures.

Nearly 3 years after my last relationship, it’s been a while since I began to think so myself….thinking I’m going to end alone…thinking I am never going to spend my life with someone I can call my own…until I saw you.

Seeing you that day made me realize why all those relationships did not work….why I did not find anyone during the last 3 years. After so many weeks…I still believe that you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life. Not only by looks but behaviour wise.

Now, I know you are going through a lot but I only want you to know that whenever you feel lost, just look out and you will find me by your side…always!!
-D.K Luximon2014-07-05 03.39.55.png



  1. Neelam Ramchandani · February 28, 2016

    That sure is such a positive
    Happening !
    Resilience and endurance
    always pays.


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