Why does religion create division?

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all were united?

Not only we have different religions but some religions have a hierarchy ( division amongst its own).

I come from a multicultural society and I often heard my friends’ parents say “He/She is from another religion…don’t you dare mingle with her!”
What are you afraid of? Losing your child to another religion? Don’t you trust you child?

Why are you bent on keeping that “religion purity?”
Love never takes religion into account…If the love is real and the effort is present…there is nothing anyone can do to overthrow that relationship.

How would you feel knowing that your child has sacrificed that one thing that He/She cherished most? How would you feel knowing that maybe because of your “ideology” your child will never be as happy as he’she could have been in that particular relationship?

Another aspect….what if the said person is a recent convert?
Would you accept them? If He/She was a Muslim born and converted to Hinduism afterwards or vice versa….would that do it for you?

Parents need to let their kids live….let them take their own decisions. Sure you might wonder if they might make it or not. But let them be their own decision maker…let them learn from their mistakes. If they fail they’ll learn a valuable lesson…if they succeed…you will learn to look at religions differently!

-DK LuximonDSC01207


One comment

  1. Neelam Ramchandani · February 21, 2016

    Yes the doctrines underlying that religion should be understood first ,in order to use those inherent meanings in our day to day life. It is something very personal and individual and surely should not be superimposed on anyone.


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