The paranormal phenomenon

Couple of years ago, I was invited to my friend’s birthday party. Having recently passed my driving test…I took my mum’s car and drove there; a metallic sky blue Toyota starlet. The party ended around half past midnight and one of my friends asked me if I could drop him home. I said “Sure, hop on!” given his house was on the way. So we left the party…with him riding shotgun. Now as I was driving and being a responsible driver (yeah…I tend to think I am)…I did not consume any alcoholic drinks that night.

It was a moonless night. The road was desert. Not a soul was in sight. It was just my friend and I in the car on the road.

Fifteen minutes into the ride….we are going through this road with open plains on both sides. As I gazed in the side mirror to check if there was any car behind me… I noticed something running in the plains next to me. I thought must be a hare or something. But a second gaze made me realize that what was up there was not a hare. The distinctive features of a woman…open hair and white dress.

What was disturbing was the fact that I was driving at about 70mph and the “woman” was running…side by side with the car. I could feel my heartbeat through my chest. So I stepped on the gas pedal…gave it a boot full. As I peeked over to my right…I noticed her, still running side by side, but converging towards the car.

All I know is…she crossed the road just behind the car. Stricken, I looked over to my friend only to notice he was sitting stiffly in the passenger seat. I gently tapped him over the shoulder and he looked at me and said…”YOU SAW IT TOO??????”
That’s when we realize it was not a hallucination of some kind. I proceeded to drop him off at his place and head back home.

The next day I described the whole event to one of my close friends. What he said left me startled. He said “You are lucky. Many people have experienced the same phenomenon with the only difference of the woman hitting the side of the car. And when they looked in the rear view mirror…they saw her sitting in the back seat”.

P.S. This is a made up story.
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The Beautiful girl conundrum.

We are all looking for that special person who is perfect for us. But if you have been through enough failed relationships you begin to embrace the illusion that there is no one made for you…just more failures.

Nearly 3 years after my last relationship, it’s been a while since I began to think so myself….thinking I’m going to end alone…thinking I am never going to spend my life with someone I can call my own…until I saw you.

Seeing you that day made me realize why all those relationships did not work….why I did not find anyone during the last 3 years. After so many weeks…I still believe that you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life. Not only by looks but behaviour wise.

Now, I know you are going through a lot but I only want you to know that whenever you feel lost, just look out and you will find me by your side…always!!
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Why does religion create division?

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all were united?

Not only we have different religions but some religions have a hierarchy ( division amongst its own).

I come from a multicultural society and I often heard my friends’ parents say “He/She is from another religion…don’t you dare mingle with her!”
What are you afraid of? Losing your child to another religion? Don’t you trust you child?

Why are you bent on keeping that “religion purity?”
Love never takes religion into account…If the love is real and the effort is present…there is nothing anyone can do to overthrow that relationship.

How would you feel knowing that your child has sacrificed that one thing that He/She cherished most? How would you feel knowing that maybe because of your “ideology” your child will never be as happy as he’she could have been in that particular relationship?

Another aspect….what if the said person is a recent convert?
Would you accept them? If He/She was a Muslim born and converted to Hinduism afterwards or vice versa….would that do it for you?

Parents need to let their kids live….let them take their own decisions. Sure you might wonder if they might make it or not. But let them be their own decision maker…let them learn from their mistakes. If they fail they’ll learn a valuable lesson…if they succeed…you will learn to look at religions differently!

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