Today I’m going to share with you one of my hobbies. FISH KEEPING. I had my first fish when I was about 5, never really focused on that hobby until I was about 18.  That’s when I really got to know about fish keeping…the tips and tricks.

Today I have about 30 full grown fish and every now and then a few hundred fries (baby fish). To be honest fish keeping is not rocket science. But it’s not a child’s game as well. If you rush into the matter you will eventually find yourself struggling to keep your fish alive; mentally and financially. Take it slowly…go through it step by step.

I have a 4ft tank. One of my most prized possession. That’s the aquarium that was the milestone in fish keeping for me. That particular tank has been subjected to a lot of patience and such an extent…today it has reached a stability where even if I remove my filtration system and stop any maintenance work on them…it will continue to remain the same for over a year. I can spend hours sitting in front of that particular tank and watching them…

Also when there are guests over….they really admire those aquariums and those are the moments when you feel proud and happy.



One comment

  1. Neelam Ramchandani · January 23, 2016

    loved that ! Ofcourse I remember. Any hobby towards which you are dedicated to, is worth the pursuit !


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